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Aloha and Welcome to the UNI Urban-n-Island Consortium. My name is Aviella Aloha but my friends call me TAZ!

It's 2020 now and we are so happy to partner with your business to promote our Maui made gifts. Due to Covid-19 alot has changed on Maui and the neighboring Hawaiian islands. There is no doubt that it has been a tough year for us all around the world. Many stores have closed that will not reopen. It is imperative that we connect with businesses off island to get through this unprecedented time.

We have been in business on Maui since 2008. Our journey started at the Maui Swap Meet in Kahului when it was next door to the Kahului Post Office. We are also one of the premier vendor booths at the Banyan Tree craft fairs. Unfortunately, in 2018 ALL of the annual Lahaina town vendor events were discontinued approaching a change of power at the Mayors office. We have customers from all over the world that would come to the Lahaina Visitors Center and Banyan Tree Park for events like the Prince Kuhio Celebration, Kamehameha Day Celebration, Emma Sharp, the 4 of July Fireworks and the Banyan Tree Lighting and purchase our Island Scents travel ready roll-on fragrances and aromatic cosmetics as well as our signature Maui Diva flower hair clips. Our customers still return to this beautiful island seasonally and they are looking to purchase more products from us each time. The problem is, they do not know where to find us now. That’s where you come in!

UNI Urban-n-Island Consortium would like to offer you an opportunity to carry our proven branded products at your location in your marketplace or in your online stores and join other members of the group who have been profitable selling them in stores and at trade shows on and off island. Our well-made Maui Diva Clips are both elegant and unique. You will not find anything like it anywhere on island. For gift shop and independent merchandisers, we recommend using them as an eye-catching point of sale display. They are best presented in baskets or rotating tiered displays. Many of our merchandisers clip them to hats and bags or near flower print items for sale. The Maui Diva clips pair well with our Island Scents roll-on alcohol-free fragrance oil perfumes. We have 21 fragrances to choose from. Plumeria, Tuberose, Mango Coconut, Lahaina Love, Paia, Tropical Waters, Kane, Island Girl and Frangipani are our top 10 sellers. We have been told that our Island Scents make you smell like a walking garden in paradise. They are best presented in cosmetics trays near the point of sale or in elegant dishes covered with white rice with the small bottles nestled in the middle. Testers can be used to add more aloha to the flower clip pedals achieving our model of “Look Good, Smell Good, Feel Good” with each purchase. We do include one 1/6 oz. tester for each fragrance when you purchase 3 dozen or more.

You will notice two seller categories for our Urban-n-Island Consortium members. To be eligible for the “Distributor” pricing you must be a selling inside a brick and mortar location on Maui and be a cash on delivery account. Complete payment for products is expected at time of delivery. Cash is preferred but Paypal Invoice accounts and checks are also options for your convenience. All other sellers that do not pay in full when the product is received are considered “Marketers” of our hand made products. The minimum order for both seller types is three dozen. Your first order is always a cash on delivery transaction to establish an above-board relationship. Restock orders can be placed HERE for Island Scents or HERE for Maui Diva Clips or by calling 808-357-3504. We look forward to doing business with you. Aloha and may your business be most richly blessed this year.